Fixed extinguishing systems enable to automatically detect and alarm the threat of fire as well as automatically start extinguishing in the protected area. SPIE AGIS Fire & Security offers a wide range of systems, such as gaseous extinguishing systems, water extinguishing systems (sprinkler, water mist and foam). These installations quickly and effectively fight with fire in a environmentally friendly way. The system type depends on the customers needs and specification of protected object. Thanks to technical knowledge, competences and experience of SPIE AGIS Fire & Security engineers the company is able to design, install, and run even the most demanding and complex systems tailored to the customers needs as well as the type of protected object.


Fixed Water Extinguishing Systems

Especially in such kind of objects like shopping malls, warehouses, industrial plants etc. where it is crucial to reduce the range of extinguishing action just to the area where a risk of fire occurred, water extinguishing systems are ideally applicable – they exploit readily available and cost-effective fire extinguishing factor.

Fixed Gaseous Extinguishing Systems

Wherever the value of equipment, materials or fine arts is crucial, not only effective fire protection is essential, but also necessity to eliminate the risk of damage caused by eventual  fire extinguishing action. Concerning such kind of specific conditions gaseous fire-extinguishing systems best meet customers expectations. They are ideally applicable in such objects as server rooms, data centers, archives and museums etc.

We constantly support the development of our clients with tailor-made security solutions



Professional Team

Regardless of whether it is a simple alarm system, access control, video surveillance or a comprehensive security system, every project we realize with the same professionalism and care.

Security systems integration

On the basis of knowledge and competences we have built up in different market sectors we offer a full service in the range of fire & security systems. Long-term experience and know how enable us to create solutions together with our Customers to perfectly meet their expectations.


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