SPIE AGIS Fire & Security is an international provider of electronic security and fire protection systems present in Poland and Hungary. SPIE AGIS is an acronym for Advanced Global Integrated Solutions and our most important goal is to provide customers effective solutions in the range of security and jointly search for technologies that best suits their needs.

Long-term experience

Over almost 20 years of activity on the market, we have developed our range  of solutions and services adjusting it to customers needs. Knowledge and competences we have built up on the basis of different scale projects realization in variety of business sectors such as:  industry, retail, IT, telecommunications, logistics, etc. Long-term cooperation within Tyco structures enriched our experience as well as the range of products, so that today we offer a complete projects realization regarding low voltage installations, fire protection and extinguishing solutions. Our services include consulting, customers trainings, designing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of all the offered solutions. The extensive financial and realization background, skills of our consultants, engineers and know-how allows us to serve projects based on pre-created solutions as well as solutions created jointly with our customers with regards to their individual expectations. In this way, we give our customers what they need and lead them where they want to be tomorrow.


SPIE AGIS specialize in the field of electronic security and fire protection solutions for retail, industrial sector, service, state institutions, etc. We offer a full service in the field of: consulting, designing, installation, commissioning, service and maintenance of both simple and fully integrated security systems.

Special hazards analysis, preparation of appropriate protection concept and then draw up of design and its implementation are carried out exclusively by qualified and experienced professionals of SPIE AGIS Fire & Security. Regardless of whether it is a simple alarm system, access control, video surveillance or a comprehensive security system, every project is treated with the same professionalism and care.


SPIE AGIS Fire & Security offer includes a range of solutions and services that enable us to provide "turnkey" installation of low-voltage and teletechnical solutions as well as fixed fire extinguishing systems such as among others: electronic anti-theft systems, access control systems, video surveillance systems, fire detection and alarm systems,  voice alarm, intruder alarm systems, building management systems, integration of security systems, water and gaseous extinguishing systems and many others.

Our solutions are based on a wide range of products such global brands as Zettler Expert, Software House, American Dynamics, Simplex, Sensormatic, Software House, DSC, Kantech, Ansul. Listening to the voice of our customers, we do not focus only on ready-made solutions. We invest in development of offered technologies and together with computer scientists and engineers we adjust them to the specific conditions and needs of our customers.


We constantly support the development of our clients with tailor-made security solutions



Professional Team

Regardless of whether it is a simple alarm system, access control, video surveillance or a comprehensive security system, every project we realize with the same professionalism and care.

Security systems integration

On the basis of knowledge and competences we have built up in different market sectors we offer a full service in the range of fire & security systems. Long-term experience and know how enable us to create solutions together with our Customers to perfectly meet their expectations.


SPIE AGIS Fire & Security Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

Palisadowa 20/22 Str. | 01-940 Warsaw | Tel. + 48 22 4308301 | Fax. + 48 22 4308302
e-mail: kontakt@spie-agis.com | www.spie-agis.pl

SPIE AGIS Fire & Security Kft. (Hungary)

Montevideo u. 3/A Str. | H-1037 Budapest | Tel. + 36 1 430 37 02 | Fax. + 36 1 453 03 58
e-mail: info@spie-agis.com | www.spie-agis.hu


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